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Online Real-time Fashion Mall
Project Title


  • By embracing the powerful technology of ideas and developing new, valuable insights from business, science, technology, and society.
  • Bring research to personas, customer journeys, insight-opportunity frameworks, system maps, stories, and scenarios.

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Pain point

All online stores are similar; the static catalog is hard for shoppers to make decisions.

What if

What if you can real in-store shopping experience and real-time interaction with sellers in our own home?

Growing trend

The Rise of Live Streaming Sell on Facebook, but the live video quality is low, and lack of productivity.


A Boutique Store Owner and Stylist

How can I sell my items differently?

Lily gets her friend message about Live Sell on 

Today live sell items list

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Get real-time interaction with sellers and make friends with other shoppers

When Lily opens the link, she finds a Live Virtual Shopping Mall

Lily can follow her favorite live sellers and build her own virtual shopping mall