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Prismacolor rebranding and strategy design

  • Created a strategy for Prismacolor brand with the intention of developing a new and differentiated identity, to bridge Prismacolor from analog to a digital future.

  • Redesigned product lines, packaging, and marketing strategy aimed to reposition Prismacolor upmarket.

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Designer & Strategist

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The biggest challenge for Prismacolor

Professionals and students are increasingly turning to digital tools.

Trends and Insights

Growth of the Creative Economy

How can Prismacolor meet the new need and inspire the industries in a unique way?

Rise of Online Influencers

Can Prismacolor merge online influencers with word-of-mouth marketing?

Digital Documentation of Analog Work

How can Prismacolor guarantee color quality between traditional and digital mediums?

online learning

is the future of education

Almost 80% of young people said they've taken an online course. Can Prismacolor step in the education industry and influence customers at the beginning? 

Prismacolor has…


  • Long history
  • Established user base
  • Brand recognition
  • Good reputation
  • Online influencer and follower base


Prismacolor can…


Prismacolor helps artists and designers produce their best work by providing a variety of analog and digital tools to meet their needs and by encouraging and investing in the artistic community through education.







Now                                     Bridge                                   Next






Strategy Mile Stone

Current                2020                  2025


Continue to have the best analog tools, helps artists and designers produce their best work.


Build online training platform, adding an online forum for a Prismacolor artist community


Utilize big data collected from the education platform, develop an AI-powered drawing and teaching software to let people draw fast and creatively.

nEW PREMIUM Shopping experience 


Lets first Image is your first choice.

Integrate influencer and their artwork for marketing and to create social conversations around the Prismacolor brand.

Increasing artist performance 

Thin strip represents the chisel tip

A big cap, easier to open

Longer holding distance increases the flexibility

2025 Prismacolor Strategy Recap

Created a strategy for Prismacolor brand with intention of developing a new and differentiated identity, to bridge brand from analog to a digital future. 


Inspiring analog tool


Online Education


AI powered digital tool

10,000 Hours

Online Education 

10,000 hours is a learning platform with online personalized classes taught by the master practitioners.

Select the homework that you can complete, and the site will help you find the best course fit to your level.

prisma spot

Customers can also choose to buy an assistive tool - PrismaSpot. With this tool, online tutorials could be upgraded to a responsive learning experience. It tracks your drawing movement and projects instructions for each next step: perspective guidelines, light source, core shadow, color choice suggestions.


Get smart and be prepared

Using scanning sheet tool. Document STEEP Trends, applications, competitors, reports, market, etc.

Human-Centered and Future Research

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STEEP+X Future Trend Analysis

Research Insight​

Hard to open the caps
Square shape hinder hand movements
Different people has different hand holding position
No clue about inside
Messy table lack of organization
Flexibility is important to professionals
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Understand User/Technical Requirements, Business Goals, Context of Use, Culture

Concept Creation​​


3D Modeling Ideation​

Usability Testing​ & Prototype

Interaction Design Process

Nest Air Purifier
Prismacolor Rebranding
In Pursuit of the Paperless Office
Ocular Camera
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