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New eco-friendly desktop printer reduces paper consumption by up to 80% for small office/home office.

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Recognizing that the much heralded paperless office hasn’t really come about as many expected, Reprinter takes a new approach to cutting costs, creating a system whereby regular printer paper can be reused by printing on it with toners that can be erased.

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Instead of restricting your paper consumption, Reprinter Paper Reusing System reduces it simply and conveniently.

Erasable Ink

The idea is based on the same technology as the FriXion Ball erasable pens; both use heat to cause the ink to lose its color. With the pens, the heat is brought about by friction, with the eraser machine, it’s done using a heating element.

regular paper used up to 5 times


print     save     reuse



supports existing workflow

erasing process

Rprinter reduces paper consumption by up to 80%

Reduce the Environmental Impact and save money

Less paper, more greens


money for disposal

space for storage


Save money and space

Remote Printing

Remote printing extends the reach of mobile devices and laptops making it easy to print to off-network printers anywhere in the world.


print save reuse

Quantatative Research

pursuit of paperless office

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